Strange Creatures


You’ve found a strange creature on your way, on a bench, at a cafe table…
If it brings a smile to your face, all the better!
This bean-shaped, velvety raw material is no vegetable waste. It consists of a wisteria pod and a seed coat. When this fruit ripens early the following spring, the pod twists and bursts, literally ejecting the seeds. This phenomenon is called ‘autochory’. This is how new shoots are born.
You can place the little creature in a sunny spot and watch the pod develop, or you can lock it in a box and watch it hatch.
Once you’ve got the seeds, soak them in water for two days, wring them out and sow them in the ground immediately. Cover them with 3 to 5 inches of potting soil. Be patient and loving, as emergence can be slow and temperamental.
Wisteria is a woody climbing plant with deciduous pinnate compound leaves and papilionaceous flowers. It blooms profusely and fragrantly. Strong and majestic, it climbs up walls with elegance and poetry.
Your little creature contains seeds of purple wisteria.
I dare to think that they’ll not only bring smiles to all the places my path takes me, but also little ones to brighten life. I’d be delighted to receive your photos of the moments of your finds, of the germination or finally of the blossoming… contact(@)
And for my part, I’ve had a great time creating them and getting ready for the trip.
See you in Angers, Paris, Strasbourg, Berlin…
Naz Oke